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Redcord #102050 Mini Extra

  • Redcord #102050 Mini Extra

    Door Fix Installed

  • Redcord #102050 Mini Extra

    Mini Ceiling Suspension Screws

  • Redcord #102050 Mini Extra

    Mini Extra Contents

  • Redcord #102050 Mini Extra

    Mini Indoor DoorStop

  • Redcord #102050 Mini Extra

    Mini in Gym

AUD $265.00 (ex. GST)


Norwegian Evidence Based Exercise Programming

More Versatile than a TRX - Perfect for home or outdoor!

The Redcord Mini is a smaller and lighter version of the Redcord Trainer. Because the ropes allow variable positioning and thus better biomechanics it is the perfect alternative to the TRX because lets you do many clinically approved exercises. It is portable and perfect for training outside or at home. It is lightweight and easy to bring along while traveling. You can hang it over a beam, pull-up bar or use the ceiling screws included in the package. 


  • 1 Redcord Mini (12110)
  • 1 Redcord Straps, one set (12024)
  • 1 Redcord Bag (13169)
  • 1 Redcord ceiling suspension hooks for Mini, one set (14025)
  • 1 Redcord Trainer/Mini exercise manual (11120)
  • 1 Redcord Exercise Poster (18537)

Plus these additional items:

  • 1 Redcord Powergrips, one set (12130)
  • 1 Redcord Doorfix, one set (14052)

Note: Redcord Mini cannot be used in combination with Redcord ropes or elastic cords.

Visit Redcord Video

OPTION 1 - Neck and Shoulder

If you want to focus on neck and shoulder exercises you may wish to purchase the Redcord #111003 Split Sling

OPTION 2 - Back and Legs

If you want increase the variety of back exercises you should purchase 2 Redcord #111002 Narrow Slings with attachment rings


You also have a choice of 2 Extension strap (30cm and 50cm) to hang your Mini from beam or bars.

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Product Video
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Length: 36 cm
Width: 35 cm
Height: 8 cm
Weight: 2.5 kg

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